Lordsburg -> Silver City, NM

Day 5

Slept in and had a late breakfast at Kranberries. Headed to the dollar stores and supermarket for resupply. Found some trees and benches across from the past office to loiter about at. We chilled all afternoon waiting for the Sun to dip. Terrible microwave dinner from the dollar store before we headed out of town around 6. Nice evening walk out the road and into the desert.

Camp @ 89.3 = 5.9 miles

Arrow and I hiking out of town at Sunset

Day 6

Another predawn exit from camp. Lost the “trail” a couple times and had to hop some extra barbed wire fences. Not to bad. Started climbing into the alpine country. Extra shade and cooler temps that came with elevation was welcome. After an excellent siesta I found Solo (Trail angel) where she said she may still be. Wasn’t sure if she’d still be there but she had save a couple sodas for us. We drank hardily before heading the last miles to camp and our next water. Passed 100 miles today!!

Camp @ 111.1 = 21.8 miles

Made it to 100 miles!

Day 7

Slept in a bit but got out before 7. Climbed up into the pine forests of the Burro mountains. First big climbs of the trip. 22 mile dry section and the promise of home brewed beer meant we hiked about 3 miles off trail to Raven’s Wing farm where we sleep tonight. Got beer, food and showers. Couldn’t ask for more.

Left trail @ 128.5 = 17.4 TM + ~3 side miles

Hanging out at the brewery

Day 8

Slept in a bit and hiked back to trail. 14 miles left in the dry stretch so loaded down with water. That’s all we’re doing today so it’s been a lazy day with lots of shady stops and naps. With the start day we had two long breaks in shade. I managed a nap at both. Partially overcast so it was all around a pleasant day.

~3 side miles + Camp @ 143.5 = 15 TM

Through the wash we go…

Day 9

Rolled out early(5:50ish) to beat the heat and get started early on the road walk. Mile or so down to Hwy 180 on gravel then blacktop all the way in for 12+ miles. Rolled into a coffee shop before chilling in the park till the brewery opened. Met Pale Ale, Sprouts, and hot pocket on the Walk into town. After lunch we checked into the hotel and rotated through the shower. I relaxed and we gathered laundry till dinner at the Mexican restaurant.

Town @ 156.5 left trail to head into town = 14.4 TM