Lake City -> Salida, CO

Day 42

Slept in and after slowly packing up we made our way to the cafe. After a double breakfast, smoothie, and muffin for the road Knucklehead picked us up along with several other hikers to go back to trail. With all to much food in my pack and belly, we got back on trail to instantly climb up onto a big plateau. After the long climb we were met with rolling plains and rain. All in all not bad but the worst of the trail. The afternoon wore on, flipping between sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy. As we found camp the clouds cleared away and left us cozy and comfortable.

Getting back on trail is always hard, town is comfortable, you ate too much food there, you’re carrying too much out, but we’re back. Tomorrow is new day and with it will come a beauty that salves the hardness of trail. Together they wash away the softness of town and carry us on to Canada.

Camp @ 971.7 = 10.5 TM (624.6 TTM)

Day 43

Started off the day with a series of large climbs and descents. They culminated in the largest over San Luis pass. Had I continued up I would have submitted San Luis peak, the first 14k ft peak of the trail. But the CDT itself followed the valley and I wasn’t feeling more climbing on the alternate route due to the heavy food resupply I had burdened myself with. So down the valley I went for the rest of the day. It was nice not having to climb but the constant down more on the feet. We found an lovely campsite along a quiet creek with lots of beavers.

Camp @ 994.2 = 22.5 TM (647.1 TTM)

Day 44

I’m not sure when 22 miles became a lot, probably CO, but I feel slow. Today kicked my butt. I also very well may have not properly hydrated, today was one of the hotter days we’ve had recently. Either way, I’m toast. Dinner and crashing.

Camp @ 1016.2 = 22 TM (669.1 TTM)

Day 45

Definitely didn’t hydrate properly. despite the water i chugged last night I didn’t pee in the night. But I didn’t learn the lesson either. I slogged up the mornings climb to our first water source, only gaining a headache as I went. Finally chugged another liter + electrolytes and took plenty of water with me.

Once that issue was taken care of I had a long cruisy day of hiking by myself. Arrow’s around but ranger ended up getting a ahead and we won’t see him till town.

Camp @ 1038.8 = 22.6 TM (691.7 TTM)

Day 46

Lots of ridge walking, some random winter shelters we passed, some trailheads, toilets, and day hikers. don’t usually do big days into town but with Ranger so far ahead we didn’t want to wait till tomorrow. Hard hitch into Salida but we made it.

Town @ 1060.5 = 21.7 TM (713.4 TTM)