CDT: Crazy Cook Monument -> Lordsburg, NM


I’m journaling random stuff for each day on trail. I’m not putting lots of time into this but thought folks might enjoy the snippets.

Day 0

Hitched from SC to Lordsburg. First with Bill, and then Paul. Bill worked on the railroad in Alaska for 40 years. Paul lived and worked in 5+ states and has done lots of hiking. Spent the night at the KOA.

Chillin’ at the KOA

Day 1

I’m on trail thanks to a ride from Jeff. Olivia(Oli) road with tip toe, Ranger, and I. At the big tree Arrow found us who was in the idwyld/big bear crew from the PCT in 2018. Oli, who’s from Aus, also hiked PCT in 2018. Met lots of folks for too short of time to get names. Though we did meet Kevin who arrived from Tuscon with Arrow on the Greyhound.

Mile 0 – 3.6 of the water cache road alt – 17.3 TM

Shuttle crew at the Crazy Cook monument

Day 2

Got up early and made it to the cache with Oli. Got warm fast after that. Met Ghost Beard at the cache who was also a PCT ’18. Numbers, bonanza jellybean, grand perambulator @ siesta stop under another tree. Walked to some trail magic and had dinner and a gator aid. Felling much better and the sun much lower was able to do last 3 into water tank to end the day.

21.9 miles to water tank road. (38.4 TTM)

Tip Toe and I

Day 3

Up early again and out by 6. Nice early miles to the cache then on to the tank for lunch. Popped some blisters, great are tired, sore, etc, but they’re doing well (much better than an the PCT). Good day with everyone around us. Last two I haven’t mentioned are Shady Grove and guy with name so complicated I don’t remember…tbd. Made it to the next cache just to learn the TM from Apple we’d been hoping for was indeed gone. Made for a sad trek to the next water tank and then into a random ditch for shelter from the wind where we (Arrow, Oli, and I) crashed.

Camp @ 61.1= 22.6 TM

All the hikers hiding from the sun

Day 4

Off early to make it to town today. Was a big push but seemed worth it to make it to town early. Morning miles were quick. Only took about 20-30mins of breaks all day as we were set on town. Met Simple, Mr. Freeze, +one, and Dog Bite. Mr. Freeze did PCT in 18. Made it to town and a late lunch then crashed for a nap after showers. Had dinner then crashed for real.

@ mile 83.4 = 22.3 TM

Squad eaten good at Kranberries