Chama, NM -> Pagosa Springs, CO

Day 29 Part 2

Got to Chama, picked up our packages and ate food. We got offered a ride up to trail so we rolled a couple miles out. Met Diva, Happy, Jacob, Charlie, T-Bone.

Camp @ 782.8 miles, returned to trail @ 780 = 2.8 TM (435.7 TTM)

Day 30

Met 70lbs hammer, olive oil, Joe Dirt. Hard day. Lots of breaks. We crossed 12k ft several times today and won’t be below 10k for nearly 200 miles. New sleeping quilt is nice and warm. As is the new puffy. Snow was annoying, mud was worse. But no micro spikes or ice axes needed so that’s good.

Camp @ 801.5 = 18.7 miles (454.4 TTM)

Day 31

Oof. That was a day. Hardest and most adventurous by far. Even more so than the PCT. Several big steep climbs, but mostly the never ending snow travel. Every time we got on a more northern facing slope it got bad and later in the day meant lots of post holing. Had some great glissades and shoe skiing down several hundred foot descents. Views were spectacular. Broke a trekking pole some how today. Literally was working when I put it into my pack and when it came out it was broken. 🤷‍♂️ New sleeping bag is cozy though, very thankful for that.

Camp @ 818.8 = 17.3 TM (471.7 TTM)

Day 32

Day had it’s snow but overall much cruiser than previous days. Good views as usual and met some cool new people. Ass blaster, puddles, and Sunny D.

Camp @ 835 = 16.2 TM (487.9 TTM)

Day 33

This was suppose to be an easy day to town. First 6 miles consisted of 100s of downed trees. The next 3 consisted of some of the steepest, deepest, and most untrodden snow of this section. We spent hours kicking steps, post holing, and navigating across the snow fields. The next 2 miles were 80+ mile per hour winds as we struggled across the exposed ridge above Wolf Creek ski area. Only the final mile down to Wolf Creek Pass finally left us with mostly clear trails, and no winds.

Town @ 846.9 = 11.9 TM (499.8 TTM)

Day 34

Zero in town. Snow/rain coming in so we stayed in town on extra night. Raining outside…glad we’re cozy in town. Got new sandals hopefully they fit better and not worse. My feet need to heal. Hit up the hot springs too.